About this Game
Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG's?

This is an attempt to make something fun set in the world of Destiny that you can play on the go. A time-killer, with the same loot-hunting goodness you expect from the real game. Destiny RPG will emulate Destiny, with it's own twists and gameplay choices, but fans of Destiny should feel right at home.

This game is developed by Firestream, the creator of HaloCharts, HaloSphere and Galaxy Warfare. The back-end is custom written and the front-end uses the fantastic Framework7 libraries.

Special Thanks!
Game Updates
Ok, so here's what is going on. Still getting to the final stages of the new Skin ready for testing. Staff and Patreons will get to use it first and work out the kinks, which will take some time. We'll put out new versions of the apps working with the new skin after that. More news to follow!
- Clan Leaderboards have been added! Just go to your Clan page, click Clan Leaderboards and all the existing Leaderboards will only show your Clan members in them. Compete with your clan-mates!
- New Leaderboard for Fewest Deaths added. This one is sorted by level and requires level 40 minimum.
- Thumbs up / down emoji in chat! Just type in :tu: or :td:
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Eris Morn has arrived at the Farm to sell you boosters and materials for Strange Coins. She is only available to level 99 players currently!

Also, expect the post-event rewards for the 12 Days of Xurmas to drop sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow. You will get a notification when this happens. Hope you enjoyed the event!
The 12 Days of Xur-mas start tomorrow! Full details have been posted here: [READ MORE]
Share Days! December 8th and 9th will be share days. Share the game (twitter, facebook, flyers, etc) and send proof of it to us for a 500 SC reward and a chance at winning a Curse of Osiris DLC code! Send proof to Firestream via PM or Email (firestream@gmail.com)

- Locations Visited Count added to Guardian Profiles
- iOS app updated to 1.3 and now has support for iPhone X screen
- A Wiki has been built into the game and will be available soon!
- Quick chatroom flip button added: Change to a different room and lightning bolt appears by chatroom select. Click to go back and forth.

- Change Subclass Back Button works again
- Battle.net Tags now support the pound sign for username#1234
- Locations should correctly mark as visited
A new 'Kudos' system is in place, just for fun. Go to any player profile, and once a day you can 'Praise their Light' as a sign of respect. They get a PL point added to their account. Why? Why not? It's just for fun, but there's a leaderboard to go try-hard on too :)
We now have a Player of the Day system! You can get it, currently, by getting the most battles in for the day. You cannot earn it twice, so that means 365 unique POTD per year :)

The POTD formula will likely be adjusted as we continue dev of the game. Also, you get a nice Triumph graphic for your profile! Get out there and grind away for it.

* So play battles each day and every 50 you get in will add 2% to your XP Perk. Example: 250 battles would mean you get 10% added to your XP perk.
* This maxes out at 500% to XP perk (12,500 battles)
* Resets each day

* Level 99s will receive a 4% glimmer perk per 50 battles, maxing out at 1,000% glimmer boost

UPDATE 11/19:
* Triumphs! These are awards you can earn for participation in events. They show up on your profile.
* You can now cancel bounties by going to the Bounty Tracker and click on In Progress to cancel the bounty.

* The helmet should be available by the 28th and will be added to your Guardian automatically
* Emblems will be sold by the Outfitter

* 1000 battles in a single day will unlock Jackolyte Helmet
* 2500 battles in a single day will unlock Chromatic Jackolyte Helmet
* 5000 battles in a single day will unlock Bad Dream Helmet
* 35000 battles during entire event will unlock Sleepless Gaze Helmet
* You will get a notification when any helmets you have unlocked are added to your Active Guardian. This can be done on multiple Guardians during the event.
* Added Battle.net tags to profiles, which you can set under Settings!