About this Game
Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG's?

This is an attempt to make something fun set in the world of Destiny that you can play on the go. A time-killer, with the same loot-hunting goodness you expect from the real game. Destiny RPG will emulate Destiny, with it's own twists and gameplay choices, but fans of Destiny should feel right at home.

This game is developed by Firestream, the creator of HaloCharts, HaloSphere and Galaxy Warfare. The back-end is custom written and the front-end uses the fantastic Framework7 libraries.

Special Thanks!
Game Updates

* So play battles each day and every 50 you get in will add 2% to your XP Perk. Example: 250 battles would mean you get 10% added to your XP perk.
* This maxes out at 500% to XP perk (12,500 battles)
* Resets each day

* Level 99s will receive a 4% glimmer perk per 50 battles, maxing out at 1,000% glimmer boost

UPDATE 11/19:
* Triumphs! These are awards you can earn for participation in events. They show up on your profile.
* You can now cancel bounties by going to the Bounty Tracker and click on In Progress to cancel the bounty.

* The helmet should be available by the 28th and will be added to your Guardian automatically
* Emblems will be sold by the Outfitter

* 1000 battles in a single day will unlock Jackolyte Helmet
* 2500 battles in a single day will unlock Chromatic Jackolyte Helmet
* 5000 battles in a single day will unlock Bad Dream Helmet
* 35000 battles during entire event will unlock Sleepless Gaze Helmet
* You will get a notification when any helmets you have unlocked are added to your Active Guardian. This can be done on multiple Guardians during the event.
* Added Battle.net tags to profiles, which you can set under Settings!
* Temporary ceiling of 20,000 Light added when decoding engrams until a new formula for Light Level can be tested and implemented.
* Core boxes no longer act like enemies or track grimoire.
* Bounty info on the Help/FAQ page has been updated.
* Bounty kills should count towards multiple bounties now when they have the same enemy.
* Public Events now spawn every hour, on the hour.
* Xur is new and improved! He will now randomly generate 1 random weapon, and 2 random gear slots PER class. This gear is randomly generated based on averages of the top players in the community. He will now have the same gear Friday through Sunday, so you have all weekend to save up for something you want.

* Bounties are back! You now only get 10 bounties per day, and have no way to refresh the list.
- The rewards from bounties should now be a lot better!
- A player should only get bounties for enemies that are available at their level. You might need a ship to find the enemy though!
- A player can now hold 2 year-long bounties that will be carried on for 1 year. This is to allow our more casual players to complete bounties over time.
- Completed bounties no longer have to be turned in right away, you can wait to turn them in when you want!
- Bounties can be worked on past midnight.

* Core boxes are enabled, and should start appearing at level 60+
* The Plaguelands & SIVA areas have been added to Earth, they require level 99 and the Nanophoenix ship.
* Clan is now the default tab that appears on a player's profile instead of Grimoire.
* Fixed PE banners sending players to the wrong location.
* The Scooty Puff Jr. is no longer a required item for the EV-30 Tumbler sparrow.
* Saturn now drops wormspore.
* Fixed incorrect possible spawn locations on enemy page.
* Vendor items will now show the price of the item before it shows the required level. It will only show the required level if the player can afford it and are below the required level for the item.
* Fixed a bug where blips for areas you have not yet visited on the change location page wouldn't go away after a certain point. (You will have to revisit areas to get rid of the blips)
* Fixed a bug where rewards from Public Events were being based on enemy HP and not damage done, as it is intended to be.
* Slight buff to Skyburners on Phobos

* Nerfed enemy's hp, shield, and xp/glimmer rewards on higher planets:
** Phobos: Siege Dancers, Sand Eaters, Psion Flayers, Blind Legion, & Dust Giants
** Mercury: Aphix Harpy, Aphix Goblin, Aphix Hobgoblin, Aphix Minotaur, Aphix Hydra, Aphix Cyclops, Precursors, Descendants, Sol Divisive, & Sol Progeny
** The High War: Taken Thrall, Taken Psion, Taken Goblin, Taken Acolyte, Taken Vandal, Taken Hobgoblin, Taken Phalanx, Taken Knight, Taken Centurion, Taken Minotaur, Taken Wizard, & Taken Captain

Newly nerfed enemies will slowly trickle into the patrol list as the old ones are killed.
* The change location page will now mark areas that a player has not visited yet. Just travel to a location to clear the mark.
* Item loot will now combine duplicate items into one "chip" and show how many.
* Players can now 1-shot shielded enemies, if that they do a massive amount of damage to the enemy.
* Fixed "Critical Hit!" text from overlapping the enemy image in battle text.
* Players can now see whether or not their request to join is still pending when viewing a clan.
* Game banned players should no longer appear on the enemy page leaderboards.
* Disabled damage based rewards for Ultras that appear in social areas (ex. Farm Sentinel).
* Fixed an issue with some players not showing up in the search player page.
* Changed enemy backfills to be in a random order instead of a fixed order. This should help randomize spawns a bit more.
* Viewing your own clan will now show players who have not created a new guardian for the current generation.
* Damage to shields should now count when calculating PE Top 10 damagers.
* The Tower is no more! Welcome to The Farm!
* Booster Items are on their own tab now in Inventory
* Bug fix for Grimoire Progress bars in Patrol
* New Sup Glim Booster Item (+999% for 10 attacks)