Missions Guide by Prezenith

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What are missions? Missions are a set of tasks that players can accomplish throughout the day.

What are the benefits of missions? Completing missions is a great way to diversify playstyle in the game. They the primary way to earn Vanguard Marks in the game. For each mission completed, the player will receive a Vanguard Mark and an additional inventory item (or second Vanguard Mark).

Where can I find my missions? Your current mission will be found under the XP bar. Sometimes this bar will not show until a mission line has been triggered (chest/ultra mission lines are automatically triggered as soon as any other mission line is triggered).

Possible Items From Completing A Mission: XP Minisphere/Sphere/Orb Glimmer Minisphere/Sphere/Orb/Mass LP Minisphere/Sphere/Orb Heavy/Special Ammo Engrams (White/Green/Blue/Purple/Yellow) Cores (Att/Def/Hp/XP/Glimmer/Crit/Evade) Gear Materials (Spinmetal/Helium Fragments/Sprit Bloom/Relic Iron/Wormspore) Strange Coins Boosters (Attack/Defense/Glimmer/XP)

Types of Missions: There are 13 different types of missions: Battles – attack mobs with any of the four attacks. Take Covers and Missed Attacks will count as battles. Kills – kill mobs Break Shields – break the shield on a mob Damage – deal this much damage XP – earn XP Glimmer – earn glimmer LP – earn LP Chest – kill a chest Ultra – kill an ultra Used Inventory Items – use items from the inventory Sell Inventory Items – sell items from the inventory Decodes – decode an engram Dismantles – dismantle a piece of gear

Strategy There are a few strategies available to complete as many missions in a day, with less difficulty. Strategies are beneficial in helping players maximize the number of Vanguard Marks that can be earned in a day. (a full strategy can be found in the comments below)


What are Vanguard Marks for?

Vanguard Marks are used as currency at the Vanguard Quartermaster (VQ). The VQ will appear in the Tower starting at level 10.

Where can I find an ultra?

Ultras are monsters with a skull symbol next to their name; they are essentially minibosses. Ultras have different spawn locations, some specific, while others that roam around on a planet or several planets. The two easiest ultras to find are Kovik, the Splicer Priest in The Murk and Sepik's Prime in Devil's Lair. These two ultras tend to be fairly popular, so they may be killed rather quickly by other players.

Where can I find a chest?

Chests spawn in every area in the game. They are different than normal mobs as they will have a chest symbol next to their name. Sometimes it may be difficult to find a chest, so a popular strategy is to go to an area with more players and clicking "Look Around" many times.

Why do I not have a new mission after I completed one?

You will have to refresh your game for a new mission to be given to you. Sometimes it takes several refreshes, so continue to do so until you receive a new one.

DISCLAIMER: This strategy is intended for late game players with glimmer to spare. If you do not have a lot of glimmer to spare, there may be parts of the strategy that are not suitable for you. Do those parts as normal, or create a strategy to work around not being able to skip missions (I’ve heard of two creative ways to do this).

To complete the most missions each day, you would want to be as efficient as possible. As mentioned earlier, missions scale in difficulty based on what you do each day. If you get 100,000 battles in a day, expect a 30,000+ battle mission. If you get 500 XP for the day, then expect a ~150 XP mission.

The best time to start doing missions is when the day resets. This is at 12:00 AM CST (GMT-6). Your slate is clean for the day, so this is when missions are the least difficult.

Before diving right into missions, start by equipping all white weapons/armor/class item. You want the lowest % perks on these gear as possible. This is to minimalize the % XP/glimmer/LP perks your guardian will have, and lower damage done to mobs. This will be a beneficial step for several missions (kill/battle/damage/XP/glimmer/LP).

The first mission line to trigger would be decodes. Go to the cryptarch and decode any of the engrams (I advise to do white). Afterwards, go to your inventory and sell 1 LP Minisphere. This will trigger the decode, sell items, and glimmer mission lines. Then use either a heavy or special ammo, or any of the cores. This will trigger your use item mission lines. You would want to do as many of these as possible until it becomes too much to do for your inventory (without using the XP/glimmer/LP items until later in the day). However, remember to be conservative for other days, as these items can go quick.

If you get a Chest or Ultra mission, skip them. The reason you why you don’t want to do these is because they will trigger your battle and XP mission lines. They are also high XP/glimmer gaining missions, so it will make your starting XP/glimmer missions more difficult than need be. (You can come back to these when your battles/kill/XP/glimmer missions have taken off)

Once you decide to not do anymore of the sell/use item and decode missions, you can now start your battle missions. Do battle missions on shield mobs such as Noble Dregs, Harpys, Wizards, Captains, etc. Attack once (without breaking the shield if possible), then run away. This will not trigger the kill mission as you are only attacking the shield (or breaking). This will trigger battle and shield breaking (if you did break the shield) missions. Once you get bored of these battle missions, you can then move on to kill missions.

Once you feel that your XP missions are difficult enough, you can start dismantle missions. This is the last mission line to trigger, as you do not want to gain a lot of XP early in the day.