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Today's Changelog:

  • All Wiki pages that are linked through the site wiki are now locked for editing. Please contact any staff member or admin to submit any updates, additions or deletions. We will review and post the changes.
  • Clan wikis are still maintained by their respective owners
  • Fixed a bug where the spinner would appear when battling after skipping a mission if the user had the spinner disabled.
  • Added an icon to the right of the Miscellaneous navigation link to show that there are more options in a collapsed menu


Halloween 2018 Event Drawing

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, hope everyone enjoyed, didn't get too many TRICKS on their loot, & like the shiny new event triumph for participating!

We had 9 players pass the threshold for 100,000 battles during the length of the event:

  • Davidlord - 290,846
  • Whinkell Tate - 215,175
  • VenomousMuse - 188,109
  • wsey54 - 183589
  • MrDondemanz - 168,037
  • IamUnicorn - 135,056
  • OPAQUE - 130,651
  • kNights - 127,151
  • Watch129 - 112,237

With that, our 3 winners, in order of choice are: Davidlord, VenomousMuse, & kNights! For everyone else, we have some free Patreon.

We had to remove the PC Destiny 2 game from the prize pool, because Bungie is currently giving the game out for free to anyone with a account until Nov 18th. Simply log into the client on your PC to redeem the offer.


Today's Changelog:

  • Added 100k & 1mil Special/Heavy Ammo options to the Gunsmith
  • Added a new chat emote for when only "gg" is entered into the chat
  • Fixed an issue where some bot announcements wouldn't appear in the chat
  • Changed Inventory input areas to show the number pad where available



  • Earn XP/Glim/LP Modifiers by playing games
  • Every 3k battles increases modifier 1x (6x Cap & Resets Daily)
  • Chance for TRICK OR TREAT with enemy loot!
  • Play 100k battles Oct 28 through Nov 3 to be entered into the Prize drawing!
    • Destiny 2 Base Game (PC Digital) [Donated by @thekmanpwnudwn]
    • Destiny 2 Base Game (XB1 Physical) [Donated by @yonnor]
    • Assassins Creed: Origins (XB1 Physical) [Donated by @yonnor]
    • Free Patreon Status


Today's Changelog:

  • Auto-dismantled engrams should now count towards missions
  • Core auto-uses should now count towards items used
  • Moved the level xp bar in patrol to above the enemy list for better optics on mobile


Today's Changelog:

  • Fixed Boosters not appearing in Eris Morn's stock.
  • Fixed some patrol buttons that were not working after initial page load


Today's Changelog:

  • Bounty requirement maximums should be half of what they were, while keeping the same time limits.
  • Fixed a bug where when a player had a critical hit, but the enemy evaded, it wouldn't show the enemy evading, the player would still do damage, and would only receive 1 xp & 1 glimmer.
  • Returning to patrol after a kill or running away should be faster now


Today's Changelog:

  • Quickselect for armor should now work
  • Fixed sorting for armor's quickselect view
  • Quickselect should now show up to 50 locked pieces of gear
  • Kicking player's from your clan now works (from the player's profile page)
  • Broken "Find Clan" link should now work
  • New "Find A Clan" button should now appear on clan pages
  • Creating a clan is still broken. Will be fixed soon
  • Requesting to join a clan should now work
  • Fixed an issue where triumphs weren't being awarded properly


Please visit the Update Megathread on Reddit for the full changelog!


On Thursday, September 20, 2018 around 1300 CST (1pm), the site will be down for maintenance as we will be launching the New UI and update for the game. The exact time is subject to change depending on the admin's schedules, so please be prepared ahead of time for the upcoming changes. We expect a downtime of 2-3 hours.

To read about what is being changed in the new update, please read the Reddit thread here.

A reminder regarding gear resets: There will be no guardian resets, but with the new UI, we have changed gear to mimic the real weapons and armor from the games. With these changes, we begin tracking unlocked gear for a new "collections" feature to be released at a later date. Due to these changes, we are forced to remove ALL generated gear. This includes ALL gear that was not event gear rewards, bought from a non-Xur vendor, or the Khvostov. In return for us removing previously generated gear, we will automatically decode a full set of Legendary gear for all Guardians; if the Guardian is level 99, you will also get a full set of Exotic gear decoded for you. So, be sure to equip up to your highest Light Level prior to the update and dismantle any other gear that you don't want to see disappear.

How do you like the New UI?

574 Votes
It's Great!289 - 50%
50% Complete (success)
It's Okay106 - 18%
18% Complete (success)
Needs Work54 - 9%
9% Complete (success)
Go Back to the Old UI77 - 13%
13% Complete (success)
Not Sure48 - 8%
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