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2019-05-28 is a clone of DestinyRPG Classic set in a futuristic greek mythology setting. I was pretty constrained in a number of ways of what I could do with DestinyRPG. One of the biggest issues was my inability to monetize the game due to being tied to Destiny / Activision / Bungie. Games like this take a lot of time & effort, so being able to make some money this time around will help greatly in many ways from paying server costs to funding artwork commissions, prizes & more.

Check it out when you have a few minutes! Address is and Android app is


UPDATE: The site will no longer be shut down, but no development in the foreseeable future. ###

  • I have reverted highest attacks made
  • Permanent 2x XP/Glimmer/LP
  • Removed Keg's Ban Hammer from players and the store


Important Announcement

It is with great sorrow that we announce the end of development for DestinyRPG. Due to lack of available time, career and life changes, and the overwhelming scope of this project, the quality, timeliness, and amount of updates have led to a serious stall in development. We had so many ideas and changes for the site, and spent many late nights planning and coding, but feel like it wouldn't do it nor the community justice with our limited availability. Maybe we'll come back in the future with a better, improved game, or with a different project entirely; only time will tell.

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped, donated, tested, and most of all, played this wonderful game. We all worked together to make it enjoyable for everyone. Special thanks to those of you who stuck with us over the course of these 2 years, and to our Staff members who helped make this game a great place to be and kept it running daily!

We will be holding an "End of Times" event until the servers are shutdown.

  • 5x Rewards
  • Increased Drop Rates
  • Increased Public Events
  • Removed core cap
  • Possibly more

We will shut down the server on July 13, 2019 :(

UPDATE: The site will no longer be shut down, but no development in the foreseeable future.


Today's Changelog:

  • Being more than 5 levels below an enemy level will no longer make you miss your attacks.


Today's Changelog

  • Clan leaders can no longer leave a clan, unless they are the only member.
  • Fixed a bold issue that introduced itself with the holiday event.

Merry Christmas!


Holiday Event 2018

  • 10 day event
  • Get 1k battles each day to unlock that day's bonus and all previous day's bonus. (Bonuses are only active after getting 1k games)
  • Get 10k battles throughout the event, on all characters, to win a new Special Prize!
  • More secrets for the event will be announced and added as the days go on!
  • Daily Bonuses for reaching 1k battles:
    • Increased drop rate of SC
    • 10 exotic engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x XP
    • 20 exotic engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x Glimmer
    • 30 legendary engrams (awarded once per character)
    • 2x LP
    • 1.5x Defense
    • 1.5x Attack
    • 2x XP


Today's Changelog:

  • Added Enemy Levels (more info soon to come, no effect right now, just a teaser :))
    • Fighting a ?? enemy means their level is too high, and you will miss every shot unless it's a critical hit.


Today's Changelog:

  • All Wiki pages that are linked through the site wiki are now locked for editing. Please contact any staff member or admin to submit any updates, additions or deletions. We will review and post the changes.
  • Clan wikis are still maintained by their respective owners
  • Fixed a bug where the spinner would appear when battling after skipping a mission if the user had the spinner disabled.
  • Added an icon to the right of the Miscellaneous navigation link to show that there are more options in a collapsed menu


Halloween 2018 Event Drawing

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event, hope everyone enjoyed, didn't get too many TRICKS on their loot, & like the shiny new event triumph for participating!

We had 9 players pass the threshold for 100,000 battles during the length of the event:

  • Davidlord - 290,846
  • Whinkell Tate - 215,175
  • VenomousMuse - 188,109
  • wsey54 - 183589
  • MrDondemanz - 168,037
  • IamUnicorn - 135,056
  • OPAQUE - 130,651
  • kNights - 127,151
  • Watch129 - 112,237

With that, our 3 winners, in order of choice are: Davidlord, VenomousMuse, & kNights! For everyone else, we have some free Patreon.

We had to remove the PC Destiny 2 game from the prize pool, because Bungie is currently giving the game out for free to anyone with a account until Nov 18th. Simply log into the client on your PC to redeem the offer.


Today's Changelog:

  • Added 100k & 1mil Special/Heavy Ammo options to the Gunsmith
  • Added a new chat emote for when only "gg" is entered into the chat
  • Fixed an issue where some bot announcements wouldn't appear in the chat
  • Changed Inventory input areas to show the number pad where available

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