About this Game
Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG's?

This is an attempt to make something fun set in the world of Destiny that you can play on the go. A time-killer, with the same loot-hunting goodness you expect from the real game. Destiny RPG will emulate Destiny, with it's own twists and gameplay choices, but fans of Destiny should feel right at home.

This game is developed by Firestream, the creator of HaloCharts, HaloSphere and Galaxy Warfare. The back-end is custom written and the front-end uses the fantastic Framework7 libraries.

Special Thanks!
Game Updates
Change Changed the colors for items won in battle, which are now based on rarity.
Change A pointer cursor was added when hovering over the Public Event banner, so PC users can better know that it is a link that will change your location to the area of the Public Event.
Added Added icons to menu options: Patrol, Go Back to Tower, Grimoire, & Go Somewhere Else.
Change Changed the icon for the Cryptarch to the Cryptarch's actual icon.
Added Added the ability to request to join a clan when viewing a clan's page.
Change Changed how chat is rendered. Message text will now begin on the line below the username.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug where there were still some rounded corners in the alert boxes.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug that would occur when a player clicked a link in an alert, when the player was already on the page. Clicking the link should now show the new content for that page. (Example: Receiving new messages while already on the messages page.)
Bug Fix Missions should now never repeat back-to-back.
Change Changed the ultra icon for Public Events to Red.
Change Changed how updates are formatted.
Added Option to turn of chat under Settings
Change Enter key can be used for login, player search and clan search
New Enemy Stat pages that include some interesting stats about the enemy in the game as well as leaderboards for top kills and top battles of this enemy. Just click the enemy Grimoire card anywhere you see it to get to this section.
Changed how chests and non-PE Ultras appear in Patrol to reduce kill stealing. Added Adv Core Box loot. Added Evade Core and Crit Core items. Increased Loot drop rates. Added color to items received. Added time to 99 on Guardian profiles once you hit 99. Added emblems to member lists on Clans. Bug fixes.
Performance tuning. New Europa Public Event. Other PE bosses have more HP now. New hourly glimmer lottery. Fixed numbers fields on selling items for mobile phones.
Tracking Shields broken now! Possible as mission and daily goal. Shields broken leaderboard and achievement added. Added more regions to the Dreadnaught. Added possible Wormspore drops on Europa. Added Orion's Belt to the Vanguard Quartermaster.
Yes, we got shut down by Activision, but they changed their mind. We are back to Destiny RPG!!!
New message features: Mark all read / forward message. Three new achievements. Guardians list in Patrol is hidden (with show/hide) option when more than 7 are in same area. Option added under settings to turn off the display of your Clan Tag. Clan of the Day starts tomorrow.
Clans!!! Yes, the clan system is finally available. This is a 1.0 of clans in that they will evolve and expand as the game continues. For now, you can create/join clans and there are some perks to being in them. Much more planned for them over time. Fixed 2 achievements and other bug fixes. Desktop users can turn on BG Music under Settings now also.
Lots and lots of performance tuning. Added Destiny2 as a default chat room. Added an arrow by the chat dropdown. Fixed the HP on one of the PE bosses. Added Code of Conduct page. Added limit to usernames when they register.
Tons new today! First, many items can be sold now by going to Inventory, then hit the blue button at the bottom. Next, all Public Event bosses got big HP boosts and the rate of a PE happening has been increased. Enemy spawn rates increased. New Leaderboards for Items Sold and Most Guardians. New mission type for selling items. Bug fixes.