About this Game
Ever wished you had a Destiny game on the go? Are you a fan of light-weight text RPG's?

This is an attempt to make something fun set in the world of Destiny that you can play on the go. A time-killer, with the same loot-hunting goodness you expect from the real game. Destiny RPG will emulate Destiny, with it's own twists and gameplay choices, but fans of Destiny should feel right at home.

This game is developed by Firestream, the creator of HaloCharts, HaloSphere and Galaxy Warfare. The back-end is custom written and the front-end uses the fantastic Framework7 libraries.

Special Thanks!
Game Updates
Change Strange Coins, Vanguard Marks and all materials are now kept at the player level and shared across Guardians you have.
Change Major Database changes have been made to reduce system storage use and increase performance game-wide. The database has seen about a 90% improvement in row count and space used.
Change Non-ultra enemies will now disappear from the battle list when a player initiates a battle no matter the player's level.
Change Battles/attacks have been rebuilt to load faster with less lag.
Change Materials are no longer sellable and Special and Heavy Ammo is now sellable.
Change The Lottery Achievement has been removed. We did not like it boiling down to luck.
Added Partner section added to The Tower
Added Custom chats you have used in last 48 hours should continue to appear in your chat room list when you return to the game or change devices.
Bug The All Lucky 7s Achievement has been fixed.
Bugs Many small bug fixes made
Added Added the framework for temporary/time-limited items. Imagine items like '+40% Defense for 100 battles', etc.
Added Emblems are now displayed in chat for Patreon supporters.
Added Added the number of enemies next to 'Nearby' text on patrol screen.
Added Added a modifier to a player's attack, which gets better as they level up. Heavy weapon damage also increased. This does NOT apply to Public Event bosses, to keep them more fair.
Added Hid infuse button on item infusion screen when an item is at max infusions.
Added Dismantling infused items will now return 25% of materials used in infusing that item. (This will only work for infusions that are added AFTER this update was applied. For all OLD infusions, you will get back the number of infusions in each infusion material.)
Added Added tracking for which stat was infused for items. This only applies to infusions going forward as this data was not tracked prior to this update.
Added Changed how item descriptions are displayed (Will now show what stats have been infused and how many times.)
Added Added decode points to guardian stats as well as moved the rank from decodes to decode points on the same page.
Added Added pretty infusion counts next to infused items, which includes community infused items on vendor pages.
Added Added recommended defense ranges for each planet to the change location screen.
Added Added colorful dots to unread messages.
Added Players now have the ability to mark messages in their inbox as unread.
Added Added the option for a player to choose what their initial attack will be (Primary [Default], Special, Special vs Shields, Heavy, and Super Ability).
Added Added ability for clanmates to travel to a fellow clan members position if they are online by clicking their name on the clan page.
Added Added online/offline dots to clan page and removed locations for offline players as it will always be The Tower.
Added Auto-hide notification setting added. When turned on, notifications will auto-close after 7 seconds.
Added Added a strange coin prize to the lottery. Player will get 10-30 strange coins if they have 1 billion glimmer or more.
Change Moved the online/offline "dot" in profile to the beginning of the line.
Change Fixed anchor link colors for visited profiles that would make the name color white.
Change Prettied up some bot chat messages. (Player reaching level 99, Public Events, and Lottery winner)
Change Changed vendor currency display to match the chip style.
Change Bounties refresh cost now increases by 10 for each time the list is refreshed.
Bug fix Fixed a bug where a user could create a clan while having a request to join another clan active, then if the request was approved, the created clan would become invalid.
Bug fix Fixed some leaderboards where banned players were still appearing.
Added The shipwright now sells a ship to take you to the Asteroid Belt. This location is meant for our high level players and is designed to be a challenge to get to. The Asteroid Belt marks the first step in becoming Legend in this game. More on that later!
Added Bounties! If you are level 20 or higher you will see the Bounty Tracker in the Tower. Daily he will give you 3 bounties you can work on of various difficulties. The rewards on these bounties are pretty great. After you complete/fail the bounties you can purchase more for 10 Strange Coins. Keep in mind this is brand new and will likely be tuned and tweaked in the near future.
Change The Battle screen UI has been completely redone to better use vertical space and provide more information at a glance as you are attacking enemies. It may take some getting used to, but we believe it to be far superior to the old UI. As always, feel free to send us feedback.
Change Enemy shields and health have new icons. Loot drop colors improved.
Added Sent messages can now be deleted
Added Clan tags have been added to the Top Ranked Clans Leaderboard. New leaderboards for bounties have been added.
Change Cryptarch Rank is based on points now. You get more points for decodes of rarer engrams.
Change Changed the battle text area to have a fixed height of 4 lines.
Change Changed the way loot and rewards are displayed in battle.
Added Added icons to menu options: Look Around & No More Enemies.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug that had to do with battling enemies in new pages.
Added Added the ability to see Grimoire progress when killing an enemy at all times, if you have grimoire progress bars enabled in your settings.
Change Tons of small tweaks to the styling and colors of the game.
Change Gear management should remember your screen scroll position correctly now.
Change More fixes in place for iOS freeze issues.
Change Changed the colors for items won in battle, which are now based on rarity.
Change A pointer cursor was added when hovering over the Public Event banner, so PC users can better know that it is a link that will change your location to the area of the Public Event.
Added Added icons to menu options: Patrol, Go Back to Tower, Grimoire, & Go Somewhere Else.
Change Changed the icon for the Cryptarch to the Cryptarch's actual icon.
Added Added the ability to request to join a clan when viewing a clan's page.
Change Changed how chat is rendered. Message text will now begin on the line below the username.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug where there were still some rounded corners in the alert boxes.
Bug Fix Fixed a bug that would occur when a player clicked a link in an alert, when the player was already on the page. Clicking the link should now show the new content for that page. (Example: Receiving new messages while already on the messages page.)
Bug Fix Missions should now never repeat back-to-back.
Change Changed the ultra icon for Public Events to Red.
Change Changed how updates are formatted.
Added Option to turn of chat under Settings
Change Enter key can be used for login, player search and clan search
New Enemy Stat pages that include some interesting stats about the enemy in the game as well as leaderboards for top kills and top battles of this enemy. Just click the enemy Grimoire card anywhere you see it to get to this section.
Changed how chests and non-PE Ultras appear in Patrol to reduce kill stealing. Added Adv Core Box loot. Added Evade Core and Crit Core items. Increased Loot drop rates. Added color to items received. Added time to 99 on Guardian profiles once you hit 99. Added emblems to member lists on Clans. Bug fixes.