Code of Conduct

Started by firestream
Last updated by kennyrogersjr on 2018-11-07 09:04:00

Welcome to DestinyRPG!!

The following rules apply to the chatbox as well as the rest of the game:


  1. NO CHEATING. This includes, but is not limited to scripting and automated devices. The requirement is that you, the player, MUST be actively completing every single action. This is a game for humans, not bots of any design.
  2. NO BOOSTING. This includes, but is not limited to, creating multiple accounts or using multiple devices for the sake of gaining any type of advantage.
  3. No continued rage/flame posts against another player.
  4. Keep things PG in the chat
  5. While we support healthy intellectual debate, there are certain "hot button" subjects that are best left out of the chatbox. These include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, drug use, modding, and anything else that the Vanguards/Staff see fit to deem as such.
  6. Do not post in all caps.
  7. Do not try to dodge the chatbox sensor.
  8. Do not "spam" the chatbox.
  9. Conversations, in Global chatbox, will be in English. Feel free to have conversations in other languages in custom or clan chat.
  10. What happens on YOUR account is YOUR responsibility. It is not up to staff to try and figure out who is using who's phone or other media device.
  11. If you attempt to dodge a ban by any method, you will face more serious consequences.
  12. Please don't ask for Praising Light, or make accounts to boost your PL. This can result in a LB ban and/or game ban if abused.

Always remember the golden rule, treat each other with respect.
Please follow these guidelines and keep the experience great for everyone, refusing to follow them will have consequences in line with the severity and/or repetition of the violation(s).

Feel free to message any of the online Vanguard (STAFF) if you have any questions in regard to these rules. There will be consequences for abusive use of any part of the game.

Inside, you will find the chatbox hopping with all kinds of lively conversation and the occasional friendly jab. Join in and have fun, but stick to the guidelines.

Thank you so much for choosing to join our site!!

Warning, this game is highly addictive and can cause the loss of hours of time clicking and enjoying the wonderful people in the community.

- The Vanguard.