Decoding / Light

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Last updated by kennyrogersjr on 2018-11-07 09:04:26

Decoding: Gear decrypted from engrams can have multiple perks.

  • Common (White) gear gets 1 perk.
  • Uncommon (Green) gear gets 2 perks with slightly higher potential than Common (White) gear.
  • Rare (Blue) gear gets 4 perks.
  • Most Legendary (Purple) gear gets 6 perks.
  • Exotic (Yellow) gear gets 8 perks. The perks that are possible include: HP, Attack, Defense, Glimmer, XP, Location Point, Critical Hit Chance, and Evade Chance. Each of these acts as a percentage boost for your Guardian. Gear with perks will show the perks and their values in the description of the gear within your gear changing menu.

Light: Light represents your overall power in the game. It is based on your Guardian's overall traits, K/D ratio (miniscule) and your gear. The higher your light level, the better gear you can acquire from decrypting engrams.